Relationship Coaching

Our Relationship Coaching is a 1-1 private call with Alex for over 2 hours on Skype for life purpose and clarity, heart aligned solutions to improve your intimate relationships or resolve traumas or issues with all of your heart matters including past or painful relationships.

Benefits of this coaching program include:

  • receive tools and techniques to minimize or eliminate these influences
  • recognize any negative patterns playing out in this situation and resolve them
  • learn ‘what makes you tick’ and how it affects the situation
  • discern the ‘real’ problems; it may not be what you think it is
  • check whether sub-conscious drivers and other ‘invisible’ factors are involved
  • amp up your love vibration so you are unstoppable moving forward
  • gain insights into yourself and the issue that you may never have been aware of!
  • gain the courage to boldly put the plan into action for a positive outcome
  • create a custom plan to deal with the situation quickly and over the long term
  • release negative emotions and clear blocked energy related to this issue
  • learn your specific love strategy and how to fulfill that of your loved ones

If you are interested in our coaching, please email Alex at alex  (@)